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that's hurt tunnels, subway systems and the electrical system. >> 16 people are dead. maryland authorities say a woman was kill in a crash related to the effects of super storm sandy. county police say the accident may have other causes. 6.2 million are without power across the east coast. >> the dc area plans to suspend train and bus service for a second morning. the federal government remains closed again today along with wall street. good morning. you're watching 9 news now. at 6:00. >> mike is a little sick. he just lost his voice yesterday. he should be back shortly. >> he's here in spirit. >> and body. >> yeah . >> monica, we'll have time saver traffic. we keep saying we're not out of the woods yet. howard, what does that mean in
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terms of weather? >> heavy rain this morning. winds still a couple spots gusting to 40. compared to yesterday this is much, must have better. maybe 30, 35 mile an hour winds. the other problem today, the cold. it's chilly out. >> you need your gloves this morning. >> i just hope their water proof. you need to stay dry. we still have rain falling this morning. expect the rain this morning. the southwest winds at 26, gusting 30, maybe 35 or so. it's still going to be a rough dayment -- day. for folks without power they need the fireplace to stay warm. those winds were amazing yesterday. here's a sample of the highest wind gusts. 79 at the thomas lighthouse. point
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look out 74, fort belvoir 63. coastal flooding still a problem with flood warnings in effect for the chesapeake. talking about tides 2 to 4 feet above the normal. times of high tide coming in annapolis at 5:49. southern maryland close to 3:00 for the high tide. 2 to 4 feet above average. flood warnings also everywhere because of all the rain we had. some 4 to 8 inches locally. we're talking about streams, creeks, river, the goose creek. some of these are very, very high. moderate flooding occurring. this afternoon the rivers could be 9 or 10 feet above flood stage.
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there's that park just off of 80 west of 270, that has to be under water a already. stay warm, stay dry. windy but not as windy. highs today only in the mid 40s. let's go over to monica at 6:03 with a look at time saver traffic. street restrictions are still in effect. basically it's down to 45 miles an hour. i think they just need to assess the road conditions. of course we have road closures as well. it seems like things are getting better in terms of the rain and wind coming down, like yesterday, but you still have signal outages, downed trees and power lines. you will i'm sure hit one of those problems this morning. the motto is turn
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around, don't drown. let's take a look at live pictures. this is what it looks like on 270. mostly your second ly roads closed. let's take a look on the other side of town. this is on virginia on the northbound side of 95. it's not going to be the volume or delays you're going to worry about with closures today. into the district, trees down, power outages as well. if you come to an intersection where their signal lights are out treat it as a 4 way stop. i'll be back with more later. the national weather service says the petomic is likely to experience itself worse flood in 16 years. >> jessica doyle is live in georgetown letting us know what to expect over the next few days. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. i've been fishing
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for debris here in the george town water front. i just pulled this thing out. massive log. we have an entire half of a tree fleeting around here at the washington harbor right in front of all these businesses here on the george county baert water front. is river is so high and we're not close to high tide here. we have about 4 hours at this point until high tide. by my calculations we're probably looking at this definitely jumping the banks later this morning. what we want to tell you is high tide is about 9:30. we have a flood warning that's been extended for most of the washington area until about 10:30. this is going to continue to be a problem this morning. now, later tonight also there are chances of potential flooding through out the washington area. the major waterways, the shannon doa, the
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petomic, all of these are being considered possible flood zones. here in george town this could be especially vulnerable. i want to let you know that we're not through the woods just yet. the expectation is that the water is going to continue to rise, keep pouring in at least through thursday, possibly friday. this is a situation that goes all way to pennsylvania, depending how much water is dumped there by sandy. how much water comes through the streams and makes it to the major waterways. it's all going to rush south to areas like thepetomic. all the debris here in the waterway, that's going to be a secondary issue as this flood -- all this degree then clogs up the storm drains. the water will have no way wr to go if we get a flooding situation what. we're going to continue to monitor the situation here. back to you in the studio.
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>> thank you. jessica down at the water front in georgetown. the storm that was hurricane sandy is still packing a punch but a different kind. along the coast we have flooding. >> kristen fisher will give us an update from the river. >> reporter: if you love your summer here or own a property in the area you'll be very happy to see that, look, the beach is still here and it's cold and very strong. looking very good. only minute ma'am beach erosion. it's really in credible now being able to really see the effect of hurricane sandy. down in ocean city, significant damage to their board walk. just across the delaware bay in kate may, the sand there literally jumped the dunes. their entire board walk is now covered in sand. they're going to have to do some
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major refilling of their beach. we know what happens up north in long island, new york city. here it's safe to say that we dodged a big bullet. it's not over yet. we still have high tide coming in supposed to hit around 8:36 this morning. 2 and a half hours away. not too concerned about it on the beach but we are worried about it in the bay area. we were seeing flooding over there around 4:00 sunday afternoon. now we've been dealing with hurricane force winds, the waves, flooding rain, for two nights now. we're waiting to see what it's going to look like when the sun comes up. that's what emergency responders are saying they want to see as well. they want to know how bad it's going to be. i've been talking about this all morning. this is really the worse of the damage that we're seeing here on the beach. all these huge trofts that have been created right up against the
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board walk they're going to have to fill that back in. look at that beautiful site, power. surely we thought we were going to lose power last night. we never got power here at the atlantic sands hotel. we did use cable, internet, beth of those are now back on. things are starting to hum to life here. we are still under that are mandatory, no driving redeliberation that's been in effect since accelerate -- since yesterday morning. he'll reevaluate that today. >> thank you. i think a lot of people are surprised we didn't lose more power than we did. >> exactly. >> i don't really understand it. >> but we'll accept it. the strong est wind from the storm may have now passed us but we can still expect strong gusts flu out the entire day. >> that could hurt on going power outage problems.
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a huge tree fell last night near connecticut avenue. it only nicked one car and didn't take down any power lines. the surrounding homes were able to keep their lights. now updates on power outages and hopefully the trend is still going in the right direction. >> we are liking it. the granld toe -- the grand total 449,869 without power. we're tweeting that out. also on web, you can get all the updates there, especially if you don't have power or you're streaming this life and can can get it on your smart phone. we are haeding to -- this is bge. they are looking at just under 200,000 people still in the dark. you can see owl of the yellow dots
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and orange dots are on their outage map but they are making progress. i want to show you dominion power. right now the grand total at 17117, 117,300. we haven't been talking about shannon doyle. they -- i know howard has a facebook friend, barbara who was asking about that. hopefully you will get your power back on and everything else along with that. >> a update on power outages in our area. the numbers are going down. >> thank heaven. thousands of people are relying on the 9 news text alert. texas sandy to 25543.
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yosz blue will be -- you will be signed up immediately and start receiving alerts. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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good morning.
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it's 6:14. it's the day after the storm. you are look ing at a live picture of china town. what's really interesting about that section of the city now is its full of lights like you're in new york's time square. good morning. thank you for being here with us. mike is monitoring social media. >> two wise guys. >> from new york. >> exact ly. just what you need. >> i know. come on. take it away. >> they got hammered up there. winds 9 president obama 0 -- winds 90 to 10 0 in spots. we're going to focus on our problem. we do have power outages, trees down and still have moderate to heavy rain.
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the problems are going to persist after the storm for a few days. it will be some of the flooding that's going to be going on. let's start with the weather graphics. i'm not sure what's going on with my computer. temperatures low to middle 40s. low to middle 40s here with wind out of the southwest at some 20 to 30 mile answer hour, gusting 30 plus at times. we will see it taper off to showers through out the day. in the mountains we have snow showers. we have costal flooding concerns for the high tide. the next high tide is coming up this afternoon towards drdz chardz the -- towards the chesapeake. we're looking at nearly 3:00 in maryland on that high tide. we have been downgraded along the
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delaware bay. flood warnings, big problems. the rivers are high, streams and creeks. i know i've been talking about the monoksy because that's going to be 10 feet above. the petomic is going to have moderate to major flooding up in the fred -- frederick area. that's due to the heavy, heavy rain. from 7.5 inches in prince frederick, winchester over 4 inches. bowie 5.2. we had about 5.5 at reagan national. that was a record for the day. we've been running a deficit of 8 plus inches recently. that deficit is now down to 2.5. one thing tropical systems do is relieve drought conditions but do it too quickly. big circulation. the actual center circulation is up here according to the hurricane
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center. they're still classifying this with 65 mile an hour winds right around the center. end -- i think that's kind of generous. we have the snow in the mountains especially above 3,000 feet. we could have more than 20 inches of snow. our rain is really coming down here this morning. you can see lots of areas in dark green. not as intense as it was an hour ago. some of the highest elevations, skyline drive, we've been seeing snow up there as well. locally, lighter rain into howard county and especially by the bay now. the heavier showers western prince george through dc, fairfax, easton, manathis. down the petomic it's really coming down. you can see the moderate rain that's going on also across montgomery and frederick counties there and into sterling. things are getting
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lighter also out to the west in winchester. some good news. the heavier rain rains will be trending towards showers. 46 today, rain and showers. still windy. southwest winds 20 to 30, potentially gusting 35 or so. maybe 40 in the strongest gusts. tonight upper 30s to low 40s. it's going to be raw and chilly with a few showers. tomorrow 56. thursday it just looks dry, 57. friday 54. your weekend look s good. we're going to set the clocks back an hour saturday night. we have a 49 hour weekend coming up. how about that? >> i like it. >> my wife has a 25 hour birth day on sunday. >> wow. does that mean she gets an extra special present? >> every year. nothing ex tra special other than we're feeling the effects of sandy. i'm going to talk
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about public transportation this time around. rail and bus of course services suspended this morning. metro saying they will reassess the situation through out the day. if they can open things up they will. they want safety first. metro access will continue to be closed all day. you can get info on metro alert ifs you need. if you're planning to take vre not today. light rail commuter buses all canceled for the length of the day. local airports remain open but check with your airline for your flight status. for road information, if you're heading out the door for a long haul call 511 to give non-emergency information. we'll take a look outside. this is pennsylvania avenue heading across the southeast side of the district. no issues to report. by the way, in the district you have
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about 18 roads closed with trees down and flooding conditions as well. one more last live look at the beltway. high standing water could be an issue. mdot tells me speed restrictions remain in effect at 45 miles an hour. i'll be back with more later. about 200 patients had to be removed from a hospital after power went up and back up generators failed. sandy brought heavy rain and strong winds in the city. a team of first responders in town from northern california california helped bring patients to safety. water is usually welcome by firefighters. this much quite an obs cal. firefighters responded to a fire last night. the flames spread to businesses an other homes. flooding made it difficult to get to the site.
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50 homes were destroyed. residents in new jersey are under a mandatory curfew until 6:00 a.m. more than 1 million homes and businesses were left without power. the storm cut off atlantic city and other island communities, stranding many residents who decided to stay put based on what their major told them rather than evacuated as the governor suggested. a woman who was rescued in the atlantic after abandoning a ship in rough weather turned up by hurricane sandy has clieed. she was unresponsive when she was pulled from the water and was later pronounced dead at a hospital. 14 other crew members were rescued. a sailing vessel that was originally bill from the -- built in 1962. well really want to hear
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from you and what your and your family are doing through this or deal. be sure to go to our facebook page and report out powers, damage and sends your pictures. stay with wusa 9. we'll be right back.
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welcome back 6:26. sandy still a post tropical storm in pennsylvania. that's going to be moving west and north. it's still giving us lots of rain this morning. it has made it chilly. temperatures stuck in the 40s. the mid 40s this afternoon. we're at 45 now at national. that's one of the warmer spots in the region. lots of low 40s out there. rain will taper to showers. winds southwest 20 to 30, might gust 35 or a little bit more than that, especially this morning. we're in better shape than we were 12, 14 hours ago. we're looking at snow really flying in the mountains. locally we have the rain.
6:27 am
you notice this big just upper left circulation sitting over the area. if there's a center, maybe it's up here into parts of south, central pennsylvania with the showers spinning around. no reports of mixed ed precipitation in the area. we have moderate rain showers from dc south. you can see moderate rain into fairfax, eastern county from prince william down. the showers, the rain continues. got a lot of very high streams and creeks and rivers. there's going to be some moderate to major flooding in the frederick area. mayorsville with the heavy showers. north of charleston up that way, showers.
6:28 am
out towards i-81 we're seeing the moderate rain showers just become lighter rain. we like that trend. i want to show you these temperatures before i toss it away. the low 40s. fire fax -- fire fax -- fairfax 41. we're miss missing some temperatures. college park 42. you'll need a rain jacket, something that's going to keep you warm. improving conditions start tomorrow. back to the news desk i'm guessing. >> thank you very much. san by -- sandy struck the northeast hard. hundreds of thousands of homes and business red sox still -- and businesses are still without power in new york city. it would be a week before they get their electricity back. >> in our area one place that gets lots of storm damage is rock creek park. its trees
6:29 am
block roads when they come down. co is live with more problems there. >> reporter: we moved a little bit away from the initial location we were at this morning. this lim is probably from a tree that fell down between two houses. we'll show you what damage it did. if you look over my right shoulder there are bridges from a chimney that fell very close to this house. the house to its right, luckily no major damage to the house so far. we will get better idea when there's daylight. we went behind the houses -- we saw how big this tree is. we can't wrap our arms around it. the root of it is maybe 1 story high at least. it came close to these power lines.
6:30 am
it did not take them down though. we're expecting high winds this morning. we want to remind you to be careful still today with the high wind warn warn -- warnings in place until tonight. we are some cones if you take a look to my left set up on nebraska avenue going south to make sure that people don't come driving under the tree. maybe more trees will fall later. somebody put some caution tape between those two houses. this tree was a very close call for these two homes. we will try to get you video when the sun comes up. there are lots of lims and leaves on the road. it's very slippery still this morning. the rain is light. there aren't a lot of limbs blocking the road are. we have video from rock creek park showing that there are some trees blocking the roads completely. right now it
6:31 am
looks like traffic is moving. back to you. >> thank you very much. you can step stay a step ahead by following us and following the team on twitter. stay with us, we'll be right back. felennnc ] it'seliolyar ju borda.
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it aai mni bemi aarelrile witholrs urt leio, youanurandagome n rst n fvo, nd n lk.
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hurricane sandy mixed with a
6:35 am
massive cold front, leaving some people in north carolina battling blinding snow. it's the first snow of the season for them. now is snow is pretty the look at but it did result in downed power lines and trees and made for some tough driving conditions. we all know what they are going through now. we hope it won't hit us any time soon. this morning we have continuing coverage of super storm sandy. at least 16 deaths reported due to the storm. the national weather service says the river is likely to experience its worst flooding in 16 years. >> airlines have already canceled more than 3,000 flights because of hurricane sandy. they can't exactly shut down their campaign a week ever election day. president obama and mitt romney have canceled events for today. we are back at 6:35. this is always the place to get your weather first. look at the surf again kicking up. that's in delaware.
6:36 am
that's where kristen fisher has been located the last few days. >> that looks almost like a nice beach day. >> exactly. >> i have a question that's not exactly -- well, it's weather related. can you guess why more trees didn't come down? >> i think a lot of the leaves had come off of the trees north and eastful they can catch the wind but they get more resistance. >> did we have the drenching rain? that's what i was told. >> we had drenching rain. i just heard a report in saint mary's county, 8 and a half inchings. thank you for that. >> what about here in the city? >> about of inches of rain. we had record national. our draught is pretty much done. we got a
6:37 am
2.5 inch instead of 8 inch deficit. they are draught busters. >> a lot of the weak trees will come down over the last few storms. >> i can't recollects kind of thinking it out. let's talk about the weather. it's still kind of nasty there. it's not damageing -- damaging and dangerous. it's wet. here's a look at your day planner. outside you still see the rain on the camera lens. it's a light rain now. it looks like the steadier rains will be tapeering to on and out of showers through later this afternoon. maybe in a couple of showers we will see showers instead steady rain. low to mid 40s is all we're going to do for highs. wind gusting maybe 30, 35 this afternoon with a 6:00
6:38 am
p.m. temperature of 45. wind gusts to 28 at national, 28 annapolis. only 17 in lees verg. in the -- lees berg. in the mountains we have snow flies. at the surface we have water fleeing. these are flood warnings just about everywhere. a lot of high water could flood today, this oovbing. that would be major flooding. you'll see a storm system very broad circulation, kind of centered in south central, pa, maybe harrisburg by snow in the mountains. we've seen some of these more moderate showers still scattered across the metro coming through in montgomery county. not sure if there's any mix. i may have the check the
6:39 am
observation. we've got some hod rat showers south of town here into fairfax county, prince william and right up and down 95 and 395. you're seeing moderate rain continue at this hour. we will be back talking about the longer range forecast. right now here is monica with time saver traffic. you're smiling. is that good ? well, you know, it's good and it's not so good. facts should be -- it's just that there's so much to tell you. what i same up with is my own little thing. here's what you have the deal with. fallen trees, leaves causing slippery conditions, downed power lines in parts of the area and signature signals as well.
6:40 am
speed restrictions are still in effect. that's indeft. deft nit. the bay bridge remains cloedzed -- closed as well. keep that in mine for your travel plans. flooding in low lying air i can't recollects high standing water ef on some of your travel roadways so that cow an issue as well. turn around, don't brown. don't go through even 2 feet of water. let's take a look at area roadways. if planning to head over here 270 it's going to be the slip pi road conditions and wed road editions. love it when it looks like this in terms of volume. it's just that you have a lot of fact tos to consider this morning. -- factors to core this morning. sdmrtd -- now an update on power
6:41 am
outages. >> i want to show you this map here. this is dominion power. you see owl of those orange dots there we are making steady, steady progress. each one of those orange dots represent up to 2,500 customers. still a lot of people in the dark at this point. we're talking about people in fair fax county on the edge of prince william county. i also want to show you what those numbers mean. the grand total, 112 112,429. most of them in northern virginia. 105,000 on the crest. we've been seeing that number g up and down through out the morning. you kind of expect that with these outages. crews had to take people off the grid in order to get more people back online.
6:42 am
in fact, once sunrise comes our way and we have daylight we will have much more impressive numbers in terms of progress. we go to beb. -- go bge. they are making progress there too at just under 198,000 folks. just 199,000 folks in the dark. their numbers were close to 300,000 at the height of the storm. lastly we will go to novak. a lot of read there as well. we're talking about prince with county. that's a little t bit too close. mainly in dell si, foebs around that area and gainesville also seeing a lot of outages at 18,6 p 0 still waiting to get their power back on and were crosser their figureers. most of them will get back online in the next couple of days. back to you. >> thank you . >> an important reminder, wusa
6:43 am
is live screaming on our website at if you lose power, you can still watch 9 news on your tab get of mobile device and get the most up to date information, everything you'll need. you're watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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hoping for the best, fearing for the worse. welcome back to 9 news now. this is george town. the water front there. they're preparing if ing for the worst flooding in 16 years. flood walls are up. hope dmri -- hopefully it won't materialize. howard joins us again. the after math sort of sandy. >> the flooding first is going to happen upstream, places like frederick, even some areas in western maryland, west virginia
6:48 am
still dealing with high waters. >> what's the timing? >> this afternoon up in frederick. that could be 9 or 10 feet above flood stage. you're talking about the battlefield, there's that park off of 80. for the water to get up to battlefield, that's high. leaving the mall area, the stopping area going down towards frederick, that may get some water close to the road. that is way, way high towards that one bridge. in point of rocks, you're going to get potentially some flooding later today and tonight. the petomic that may take a couple more days. we start with your day planner on this tuesday. it's still raining. it's a raw, chilly morning with temperatures in the low to mid 40s here, topping out maybe 45, 46. wind out of the
6:49 am
southwest at 20 to 30 miles an hour, which is a normal windy day but a lot less windy than yesterday with gusts of 35, might see a cup í principal -- couple towards 40 this morning. nothing like yesterday when we had gusts at 80. thomas point 79, 65 ranson, fort belvoir 63. costal flooding also a problem with these winds out of the southwest bringing more water back into the bay. we have a high tide or full moon last night. that could be 2 to 4 feet above normal. the next high tide at 4:49 for chesapeake beach. it will be 6:00 in annapolis. 3:00 across areas in far southern
6:50 am
maryland. you know, the folks in old town that are always flooding, 9:30 or so. wind are still gusty. we can handle 36 mile an hour gusts. we can handle a 28 mile an hour gust in dc and annapolis. flood warnings everywhere. there's a lot of high water. there's going to be high water for a couple of days. be advised, don't try to drive through water that you can't see the road. it takes very little water to push a car off the road. snowing in the mountains. we have the heavy rain falling this morning. there might be some mix. temperatures are 39, 40. it's not switching over completely. there may be a little wet flake mixing in. you can see the moderate rain showers in fairfax this morning across the southern side of the district as well with light to moderate showers as you head up into montgomery county. we'll be back with more 9 news now right after this.
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welcome back, 6:54. we're going to take you up into frederick county. a flood stage 15 feet. it's going to crust this afternoon at 23.5. that's 8.5 above flood stage. you can imagine the flooding that's going to happen. moderate to major flooding as defined by the folks at the national weather service. the point of rocks, flood stage 16, press 8 feet above flood stage early this evening. we still have some moderate rain going on trying to mix with wet flakes into howard county. in the mountains out west also. locally you see the
6:55 am
heavier rain showers across fairfax county back towards dc down into prince william county. fairfax, tysons corner, i just got somebody on facebook saying they never lost power. happy, happy woman there. up into frederick showers have become the heavier stuff. we're still dealing with light showers here and even lighter showers along the valley. grab a jacket. arlington, only 40 right now. 42 centerville and 41 in rockville. here's monica. she's got a look at time saver track. my word of the day inef tibl. you will hit some short of problem. it may not be a major problem, but you will hit it this morning. it could be falling leaves causing slippery road conditions, a tree down. it will be something because of the effects of sandy. keep that many mind. if you use public transportation that's a problem because there isn't any this
6:56 am
morning. metro access is closed. you can find information on their website. also vre closed as well today. if you plan to go to the airport, they're open but you want to check with your airline for your flight status and also for road information you can call 511 to give non-emergency. we'll be back with more news coming up after the break. you're watching 9 news now.
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6:58 am
16 deaths now related to the storm. the potomic river is expected to have its worse shutting. president obama and mitt romney have shut down their campaign and canceled events for
6:59 am
today. we're looking at the 7 day forecast. i just want to show you that we have temperatures in the 40s today, 50s for the rest of the week and then by sunday we will be near normal, 65 deglees. sundayde-- degrees. sunday is the day we turn the clocks back. there could be a few more showers by monday. the cbs morning show is next. of course they're going to bring us up to date on what is happening in lower man hattan. -- manhattan. anything left on weather? >> i just want everyone to be aware to keep your distance and keep your speed limit down. >> how wand iard and i will be back in about 15 minutes. have a great day.

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